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Tiffany Habib is an internationally published glamour model best known for her multiple appearances in Maxim UK, FHM Germany, DUB Magazine, FIGHT! Magazine, Performance Auto & Sound, The Horse Backstreet Choppers, & Playboy's TSJ, etc.

She has slowly but successfully began to build her own empire & name as an international glamour girl as well as Founder & CEO of her own company. Tiffany has taken a step back from her years of experience as a promotional model to only doing print work—primarily to focus on her ventures as an established model and business owner.

Not only is Tiffany Habib a model, a mentor, and the CEO/Founder of the promotional modeling/staffing company, P!nkElite, LLC, she also conducts workshops for girls of all ages who share an interest in modeling. She shares her advice & secrets with the attendees to get them on the right foot, safely & professionally, as well as get a professional start to their portfolios.

Although Tiffany has come a long way in such little time, she has no intentions of stopping in the near future. Her goal is to instill her knowledge as a model and business woman into the minds of the next generation of glamour girls. She plans to build an empire of well-rounded, beautiful women, who other models can also look up to—All while conquering the print world both nationally & internationally.

If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns regarding Tiffany Habib, Modeling Workshops, or working with or becoming a part of P!nkElite, LLC, please visit any of the following pages:

Tiffany Habib
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FHM Germany
Maxim Girl On Film(x3)
Playboy TSJ (x4)
Performance Auto & Sound (x2)
FIGHT! Magazine
The Horse Back Street Choppers Magazine
DUB Magazine
That’s Hot Magazine(x2)
Knockout Magazine
Fast & Sexy Magazine
Hidden Treasures Magazine
Twentieth Century Fox
Sexy Skin Magazine
Mancave Playbabes
VCast Mobile
Pink Couch Media
Playboy’s Smoking Jacket Cell Phone Application
Classmate USA/One Model Place 2012 Calendar
Spade Kreations 2011 Calendar
Hot Import Nights EC Tour Model
Import Face-Off
Monster Energy Drink Model
Nos Energy Drink
Valvoline Racing
Harley Davidson
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
Continental Tire
SlowMotion Motor Sports
Mongoose Motorsports
Iron Pony Motorsports
Rolex Grand Prix
Erotic Dreams Productions
TITLE Boxing
Capristan Swimwear
Capristan Fashion Show Chicago
LOOK Swimwear
Miss HIN Contestant Chicago
Hustler Lingerie
Arnold Classic Sports Festival
Fight Magazine Contest Winner
Fight Magazine Promo
TeaseUm Bikini Contest Winner


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